Pasta Arabica Ancient Recipe 1
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The Life of Food – Pasta Arabica

Tutti alla tavola storica! Taste history on your tables at home and cook along with Tavola Mediterranea! As a part of ‘The Life of Food’ series we are presenting a group of ancient recipes based on food history gleaned from archaeological data, ancient documentary records, and art. The following recipe was developed by researching theories […]

Mini Panettone - Italian Christmas Bread
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Christmas Panettoncini or Mini Panettone – Traditional Italian Fruit Bread (Vegan)

This recipe is a smaller take on the popular Italian Christmas fruit-bread, Panettone.  ‘Personal Panettone’, I call them, or Panettoncino if you want to be linguistically correct!  These little darlings are not only simple to make, they also make great Christmas projects for the children and a terrific gift for […]