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The Old School Kitchen: For Leaven's Sake
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The Old School Kitchen: For Leaven’s Sake


As featured in this month’s issue of National Geographic! Join award-winning culinary archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, for a two-part sensory journey into the world of Roman leavened breads and bread starters. Let’s cook it old school!

Farrell Monaco | Winner of Best Special Interest Food Blog by Saveur Magazine
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2019 in Review: Milestones, Media, Master Classes, and Marathons!


2019 was such a fast-moving and action-packed year filled with archaeology, baking, master classes, travel, museums, media coverage, and awards! 2020 promises to be a wonderful year with many surprises in store… but before we press on to the new year ahead, let’s have a quick look back at some of the memorable highlights from 2019!