Signaculum 79 Bread Stamp from Tavola Mediterranea

The Signaculum LXXIX Roman Bread Stamp

On sale in the Macellum right now!

Oh no! Has that shifty baker given you a spelt loaf again when he knew damn well that your bread was made of wheat? Are you tired of getting your neighbour’s bread instead of your own? Is community baking making you wish that you had a hearth of your own? Fear not, carissima, your bread woes are officially over with… The Signaculum 79!

Stamp your bread and eat it too! With the Signaculum 79, you can tell that baker, and your nosey neighbour, which loaf of bread is yours before it even goes into the oven! That’s right! The Signaculum 79 stamps and presses, labels and stresses to every Roman from Pompeii to Pergamon that this is your bloody loaf of bread and to get their sweaty hands off of it! With the Signaculum 79, you can now stamp your homemade loaves of bread just as the ancient Romans without cooking facilities did when they took bread dough to be baked at their local commercial or community bakery. Signacula (stamp seals) were commonly used for stamping bricks, pottery, and bread in ancient Rome. For bread-making, it is assumed that they were used to mark bread prior to baking to distinguish ownership in communal settings or to tell urban pistores, and other customers alike, which breads belonged to which people.

The Signaculum 79 Bread Stamp by Tavola Mediterranea
The Signaculum 79 – Roman Bread Stamp by Tavola Mediterranea

Cast in the Empire’s best smithies, this fashionable instrumentum domesticum comes in two stunning varieties: one with a knob handle, to store in your pantry, and one to wear around your neck, if you’re headed out on campaign.

Don’t delay, carissima. Be the first in your insula to own a Signaculum 79 today and tell that pesky pistor where to stick his loaf of spelt.

Cost: $84.99 – $94.99 USD depending on shipping destination. Select the correct destination and handle choice below. Shipping is included in the price of purchase! Insurance and tracking is included for shipments within the USA.

Handle Type and Destination

On sale in the Macellum right now! While supplies last!

Christmas 2021: Orders placed before December 10th should make it under the tree on time for Christmas, Chanukah, and Festivus (for the rest of us). Batteries not included… as batteries haven’t been invented yet, you nincompoop.

The Signaculum 79 – Roman Bread Stamp by Tavola Mediterranea

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