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Baking with the Greeks: Demeter's Daughter
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Baking with the Greeks: Demeter’s Daughter

The following post contains some naughty words, references to potentially naughty activities, and depictions of battle violence taking place on top of loaves of bread. Viewer discretion is advised. There are many things in this life that make me happy, such as: dogs; coffee; pancakes; archaeology; a Deadmau5 concert; and […]

Taralli Pugliesi Recipe | Tavola Mediterranea
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Bread for the Gods: Taralli Pugliesi

Hey good looking! Whatcha got cooking? How’s about cooking up ancient bread with me?… There has been a particular theme that has consistently presented itself during my research this summer, and it’s called ‘continuity’. In archaeology, continuity is a term used to connote the unbroken or consistent existence, operation, or […]

Farrell Monaco Giorgio Franchetti Spazio Sinopie Roma

A Tavola Con Gli Antichi Romani

Venerdì 21 giugno alle ore 18 si terrà a Roma, presso lo Spazio Sinopie, all’interno di Palazzo Margani, un antico stabile medioevale, la presentazione del saggio storico A TAVOLA CON GLI ANTICHI ROMANI, un vero viaggio alla scoperta di come mangiavano i nostri celebri antenati culturali, edito nel 2017 da Edizioni Efesto e che negli ultimi due anni è stato presentato in numerosissimi siti e musei archeologici di tutta Italia.

Prosphoro: Greek Orthodox Eucharistic Bread
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Baking with the Greeks: Prosphora

Hey, good looking! Whatcha got cooking? So… I took a break this week from preparing for this summer’s presentations and cooking workshops in Italy to get back into the kitchen where I could indulge in what I call ‘procrastibaking‘. This sometimes happens when I have a writing deadline or lot […]

The Old School Kitchen: Etruria
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The Old School Kitchen: Etruria

A Culinary Retreat and Feast Exploring Ancient Etruscan Food Culture and Archaeology In The Heart of Tuscany Join food archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, and vintner, Charlotte Horton, for a weekend Etruscan feast at a palatial Medieval castle hidden in the Tuscan countryside. Explore and indulge in the food history, art, and […]