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Farrell Monaco and Rafaelle Cirillo of Tavola Mediterranea
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Chi Siamo

Farrell Monaco è una pluripremiata archeologa classica e food-writer la cui ricerca si incentra su cibo, preparazioni gastronomiche, e pane e pasticceria del Mediterraneo di epoca romana. Ha conseguito una Laurea con lode ed un Master con lode presso l’Università di Leichester in Gran Bretagna, ed è attualmente una ricercatrice in procinto di conseguire il Dottorato di Ricerca.

Pompeiian Feast
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Boshell Lecture and Feast: Dining with the Romans

What did the ancient Romans eat and what were their banquets like? Archaeologist Farrell Monaco will talk about what archaeological evidence tells us about Roman foodways, from the most luxurious villas in Pompeii to roadside food stands. Discover how modern food historians re-create ancient recipes, and then sample some for yourself in […]

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Baking Bread with the Romans: Part II – Panis Quadratus

**This article and the ongoing research has been updated further here: Baking Bread with the Romans: Part III – The Panis Strikes Back  and here: The Panis Quadratus – The Key Ingredients: Pompeii Bread with Poppy Seed, Fennel and Parsley ** Friends, Romans, Baking Enthusiasts: Lend me your ears! …. Who […]

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Baking Bread with the Romans: Part I – Pliny the Elder’s Leaven

Give us this day our daily bread — and a good bread starter is what we need to make it. But what’s a bread starter, you say? A bread starter, pasta madre, or levain, is what we have used to make bread for millenia long before active dry (instant granulated) baker’s […]