Panem et Dulcia - Eataly

Panem et Dulcia – Bread and Sweets of Ancient Rome

Join award winning archaeologist and food-writer, Farrell Monaco, for an ancient Roman culinary master class at Eataly Los Angeles! Embark on a journey into the beauty, simplicity, and sophistication of Roman breads, sweets, and pastries. Then explore various types of archaeological, artistic and literary evidence that provide archaeologists with clues as to what the Roman sweet tooth was like and how it was satiated! In this hands off class, watch Farrell as she walks you through a live demonstration on how to prepare two distinct Roman dessert recipes. Taste and learn about the prominent flavors of Roman sweets, the sophistication of the Roman palate, and a zero-food-waste policy that is 2,000 years older than our current recycling efforts in modern-day LA.

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