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The Old School Kitchen: Farrell Monaco
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The Old School Kitchen: Bread in Ancient Rome – Trinity College Dublin – 29 Nov 2019

Let’s talk Roman bread at Trinity College Dublin! Farrell Monaco will be presenting a lecture for the Trinity College Dublin Classics Society on November 29th at 6 pm. Venue TBA. From more info see the Facebook event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/554479661775359/ or email Emma at: classical@csc.tcd.ie

Farrell Monaco - Bake Like a Roman

The Old School Kitchen: Bake Like a Roman 10-Nov-2019

What did the ancient Romans eat and how did they prepare their food? Archaeologist Farrell Monaco will talk about what archaeological evidence tells us about Roman foodways, from the most luxurious villas in Pompeii to roadside food stands. Discover the food of Rome, how modern food historians re-create ancient recipes, and then join us for a reception to follow.

This lecture is sponsored by the Boshell Lecture Series.