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The Old School Kitchen: From the Etruscan Table to the Roman Banquet
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The Old School Kitchen: From the Etruscan Table to the Roman Banquet

A Culinary Retreat Exploring Ancient Etruscan and Roman Food Culture In The Heart of Tuscany Join food archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, and visual story-teller, Saghar Setareh, for a 5-day live-in edible archaeology master class at a palatial medieval castle hidden in a valley in the Tuscan countryside as they explore the […]

Homemade Fig Vinegar Recipe
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Salsamenta: A Recipe for Columella’s Fig Vinegar

“Sunt quaedam regiones, in quibus vini ideoque etiam aceti penuria est. Itaque hoc eodem tempore ficus viridis quam maturissima legenda est, utique si iam pluviae incesserunt, et propter imbres in terram decidit: quae cum sublecta est, in dolium vel in amphoras conditur, et ibi sinitur fermentari: deinde cum exacuit, et […]

Defrutum - Roman Grape Reduction Sauce
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The Mediterranean Triad – Grapes, Grains and Olives: Death by Defrutum

Este artículo también se publica en español aquí: Good day, coqui! Get out your lead-lined pots because today we’re going to live dangerously just like the Romans!….. Okay, I’m just kidding! Put the lead-lined pot down. Right now. But seriously, folks…. Anyone who’s ever cooked commercially, experimented in their […]