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Apicius’ Parthian Chicken and Vegetable Dinner with a Red Wine Tracta Sauce

Salvete amici! It’s officially autumn and summer is over but I’m okay with that! Really I am. I had a wonderful summer this year working at Pompeii with the Pompeii Food & Drink Project, eating out at Caupona, snorkelling over a 2,000-year-old Roman villa at Baia, and eating my way […]

Tracta and Pisam Vitellianam (Vitellian Beans with Farro Rusks)
Ancient Recipes, Edible Archaeology, Italy, The Life of Food, Vegetarian

Tracta et Fabam Vitellianam (Vitellian Beans with Farro Rusks)

Salvete Amici! Non semper erit aestas….It will not always be summer. Alas, winter is coming…. just like it always does. And just like that we’ll put the bathing suits and flip-flops away for another year and get out our woolens and fire-wood instead. But that’s okay! Because good things come […]

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Baking Bread with the Romans: Part I – Pliny the Elder’s Leaven

Give us this day our daily bread — and a good bread starter is what we need to make it. But what’s a bread starter, you say? A bread starter, pasta madre, or levain, is what we have used to make bread for millenia long before active dry (instant granulated) baker’s […]

Columella's Fig-Rennet Cheese
Ancient Recipes, Edible Archaeology, The Life of Food, Vegetarian

Making Cheese with The Romans – Columella’s Cheese

Salvete amici! This ancient recipe is one that I am particularly proud of. It’s challenging and it’s delicious, and there’s nothing I love more than a tasty challenge! Cheese-making is often considered an artisanal craft that is trying, difficult and messy but it’s really not! And we have the Romans […]

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Tasting Pompeii – Sensory Archaeology and Caupona

This summer I had the privilege of working on the Pompeii Food & Drink Project (PFaDP) for its final field season. For those who are not familiar with the project, Dr. Betty-Jo Mayeske and a team of archaeologists and historians have been painstakingly working at Pompeii (Pompei, Italy) for 17 […]