Terroir Tuscany 2018

Culinary Retreat: Farrell Monaco at Terroir Symposium – Tuscany (November 2018)

Who wants to run away to Tuscany in November? Join Farrell Monaco and several chefs, farmers, historians, and archaeologists from all over the world as they run away and converge on the beautiful Castello di Potentino for a food symposium that celebrates the history, culture and agriculture of Tuscany. Farrell will be speaking at the Symposium as well as conducting a hands-on cooking workshop that will immerse participants in reviving the ancient Etruscan diet through archaeology and through recreation. As part of the seven-day conference, Farrell will be presenting on the subject of the Etruscan pantry and core ingredients of the indigenous diet as well as a discussion on the ancient Mediterranean diet, its evolution, and how we still benefit from its example today.

Click here to read more or to register for Terroir Tuscany 2018 (November 3-10).

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