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Culinary Retreat: A Taste of Rome (2018) with Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco – SOLD OUT

The 2018 retreat is SOLD OUT. Email: info@tavolamediterranea.com to join the mailing list for the 2019 retreat!

Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco Cooking Workshop

Join Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco for a 7-day workshop at an ancient villa in the Roman countryside as they explore the flavors and food history of Rome from the ancient Republic through to the Modern Era.  June 16-23, 2018 – Rome, Italy.

Villa Il Cardinale

The retreat will be held in a palatial 2,000-year-old Imperial-era Roman villa that is situated off of one of Rome’s ancient food-transport routes: the Via Salaria. Originally a 1st Century Roman residence, the villa boasts archaeological remains in the upper garden that form part of the National Collection of Archaeology of the Museo Altemps in the centre of Rome, near Piazza Navona. Documentation of the full history of the villa is available on site. The villa has undergone several changes, from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, through to the 18th Century, when it became the hunting lodge of a Cardinal from the noble Italian Torlonia family. The villa features 10 beautiful sleeping rooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 large kitchens, a wine cellar, indoor and outdoor cooking and dining areas in addition to an outdoor brick oven.

A Taste of Rome 2018

Daily workshops will focus on hands on cooking, food history lectures, readings, and historic meals. Lessons will feature sources of Roman culinary information derived from the archaeological, written and pictorial records.  Recipes from sources such as Apicius, Cato, Columella, Pliny, Galen, Platina, Scappi, Latini, Corrado, Artusi, and Marinetti, will be referred to and translated into sumptuous meals that will allow participants to explore the history of Rome through the sensory avenue of taste. Participants will also enjoy a day trip to Ostia Antica to explore the role of food in an ancient Roman town.

The lessons will be run in English by Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco. Ken is a professor of history at the University of the Pacific, with 25 books in print, and a food history course from Great Courses. Farrell Monaco is an archaeologist whose research centers on foodways, food preparation, ceramics and cooking practices in the Roman Mediterranean. Farrell publishes recipes and food history articles on her blog called “Tavola Mediterranea”. She currently sits on the Media Relations Committee of the Society for American Archaeology and is a member of EXARC.


A Taste of Rome 2018


Join us for A Taste of Rome! Inquiries and registration requests can be directed to: info@tavolamediterranea.com

A Taste of Rome 2018

A Taste of Rome 2018

A Taste of Rome (2018) with Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco
A Taste of Rome (2018) with Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco
Culinary Retreat: A Taste of Rome (2018) with Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco
Tavola Mediterranea,Rome, Italy,
Starting on
June 16, 2018
Ending on
June 23, 2018

10 comments on “Culinary Retreat: A Taste of Rome (2018) with Ken Albala and Farrell Monaco – SOLD OUT

  1. Lindley Henson on said:

    Hello – Please send me information for 2019 as soon as it is available.


  2. Moniqua Williams on said:

    My friend Carmilla is attending and I would be most interested in securing a seat! I’m half Italian and absolutely love cooking along with traveling, taking classes and meeting new people. I look forward to meeting you and hearing more about this wonderful opportunity. All the best!

    • Farrell Monaco on said:

      Hi Moniqua! There is a waiting list right now as we are sold out. I’ll email you more info. – Farrell

  3. Lori Tishgart on said:

    Hi, This sounds like a wonderful time! How does one get more information on a reservation? Thank you! Best,

    • Farrell Monaco on said:

      Hi Lori! I got your email. We are sold out though. I’ll put you on the waiting list if you like? We’ll certainly be doing it again next year as well! – Farrell

  4. Larry Mager on said:

    Hello, For those of us who, due to health reasons, are not able to take Your classes, we would like to know if You might be either release
    Your program on DVD or stream it ? Thank You Larry and Jaqui

    • Farrell Monaco on said:

      Hi Larry! This is a great idea. Let me look into it for the future. If anything, we can certainly start with a book. 🙂 – Farrell

  5. Leticia Campos on said:

    Is this for Travel Agents or can my clients

    • Farrell Monaco on said:

      Hi Leticia! This workshop is open to everyone! Drop me a line at info@tavolemediterranea.com if you’d like to discuss a group booking or a booking for yourself. – Farrell

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